Mission And Vision


africa film fund logoChris is the founder and managing director of:  “AFRICA CHRISTIAN FILM FUND”


My question is what legacy are we leaving behind to make this world a better place?

I am looking for the perfect investor(s) who have vision, integrity, and wisdom with the right values. Someone who will see the possibility in these films. There will be a return on their investment within the first year.

Through these films your company will get great exposure both locally and internationally.

We are all created for a purpose and have a destiny in this life to make a difference in this world.

This venture is not only an achievement but a challenge to sow into the lives of so many people. We will leave this world the way we were born and we can’t take anything with us so why not invest in into the lives of people.

Have you ever watched the movie “BUCKETT LIST” with Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicolson? What a great story, the bottom line comes down to one thing. Jack Nicolson thought he could buy happiness. But God word says: “How foolish to think that wealth can buy you true happiness” Eccl 4:10

This is the kind of story we want to tell through our films. Stories that will have an impact in the lives of everyone.
We can only do this through the most powerful media in the world – Films & TV.

“Our life here on earth is just a breath in the wind, the one moment we are here and the next we are gone”. How can we leave this world a better place?

We have the best director in Africa on board Darrell Roodt – well known director with quite a few Oscar nominations. He directed well known films like “Sarafina”, “Winnie”, “Cry beloved Country”, “Yesterday” “Stilte”and “Little One”.

We are combining our efforts and expertise to make these special films. Films that will take people on a journey and imnspire them to become a better person in order leave this world a better place.

This dream can only materialize when we have a partner with vision who believes in our ability and the impact these films can make.

This is an investment that makes a difference for a good cause.

These films are not a funding project but an investment!

Here is the list of our films we plan for the next few years:

“Desert Blood” – Namibia Kaokoland – He has traded his love, passion and destiny for the love of money
“Kalahari Kind” –  Kalahari Namibia – Farmer and a Bushman boy
“The Father Hart” – Rich farmer with two sons – Modern version of the lost son